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Post  Admin on Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:10 am

Ep Cloth Hack:
this hack for boys only!!!

please,dont go in set items..

because you have a DC


merin dyang spiky hair and many more...

copy paste mo lng ung 031.acv file

rename to 031.acv
note.just make a back up!!
press thanks if i help.. download.php?ldwmqj4vb0n

copy paste nyo nlng...

yan po ung updated link...

Credits to sanji.


This is Wings hack by h82bm3 and since this was unnoticed...

This is only for boys ( girls will dc if they go to mall)

Mind as well post it here ( you need to download the repair first below)

wings: file/qyrd2dq13wb/025

Credits to h82bm3 ( + repped him as well )

So dont say I just leeched it ^^v

Also here: Dc repair in the set for clothes hack file/2izgvxxlm5i/031.acv

Credits to h82bm3 ( hope he understands me)

Credits to:h82bm3 and ‡ Y®️α \/0l\ll\l ‡
Hinagiku Katsura

One Two Party 8 key hack:
This patch allows you to play One-Two Party 8-directions in AuditionPH.

- Only One-Two Party Hard, Don't use it in Easy or any other game modes, You will DC.
- Play alone! or with your friends having the same patch.
- Back-up your 050.acv and THDs. This doesn't contain lobby songs. This patch makes your lobby songs Brenan songs. Smile ?mywmidl0vmy

Credits to:Riku

As of August 15 2009 10:31pm

=Added on off bot=

wala na po yan pass bsta extract nyo nlng tpos may lalabas n jan sa folder...
tpos open nyo ung may color red at black...

click f9 to ON
click f4 to OFF

step1: open the audition agent 2.4

step2: lagyan ng check ung box na may naka sulat na injection mode.

step 3: i click nyo ung may green na button na may naka sulat na ??????

step4: i click nyo un nProtect.dll

step5: i click nyo nmn ung open button sa baba.

step6: mag login sa audition hall.

step7: may lalabas na gantong box. wag nyong i crossOUT or i exit.

step8: pag naka rating n kayo sa pilian ng server dun nyo i click ang f4 dapt pakinggan nyong mabuti..may mariringi kayong ping sound after nyo i click ang f4.

Credits:To Rawr--



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